Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The coinciding point of the two worlds!

The cyber space and the new media based on it should be considered an entirely different world or a dream world where only our imaginations or consciousness seems to be getting in and if at all we are benefitted the individuals in real life seems to be least benefitted and we with our consciousness in the cyberspace seems to be prominently benefitted. Once we are out of the cyber space with our consciousness back in to our real life, it needs to be explored whether those benefits from the cyber world stays within us making us more communicative and more efficient in our real social life. In this context it is noteworthy to ask a question that, how rarely these cyber culture and its new media will give us our consciousness back in to the real life? It is at this point of coincidence of these two worlds the individual seems to be benefitted. If we are just in the real world we lack the sophisticated media and if we are completely in to the cyber world only our consciousness seems benefitted. At a location other than this focal coinciding point we as individuals seem to be less communicative under the influence of new media.

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