Thursday, 19 November 2009

New Media and the Purpose of News

A news is not just meant to make us aware, it has the ability to make us act, whether it be compacting a crisis, defending a threat or supporting an aid. So it is the aftermaths of a news that counts more; so the news becomes a news when it stimulates a public arousal. In this context the way the news is presented and the medium that is relied up on are prominent factors as how the content is. The new media as a medium has the capability of bringing in news at a random rate, covering incidents from the whole world in a manner which is easily accessible and far more attractive. Here it seems that as how the news within one’s surroundings is a news before him, there are even relevant or equally important news affecting his thoughts from incidents worldwide; to those which he can’t deny or turn his face off, as the world is already globalised under the effect of new media.
Now our neighbour being killed a night seems not a relevant news as we are familiar with those young and old killed in Iraq during one of their sleepless nights. The pool of blood around our neighbours corpse hardly disturbs our mind as now we have seen enough and more of the torn away body parts of innocent Iraqi and Afghani childishness. The new media indeed brings in a lot of news and those indeed possess attractive and shocking captions; mind blowing or annoying high definition video footages but those hardly seems to bring pleasure or rarely disturbs our mind. Thus the new media regularly feeds us with the news but it hardly influence us and it now seems incapable of making us act in a way that such tragic incidents are not repeated or those noteworthy efforts on the other side are entertained.
The online communities, blogs and other social spaces in the new media have paved way to a situation that each and every personal experience and thoughts within its orbit is a news for the one who is subscribing. This indeed has diluted the purpose of a news. In such a situation every one seems like a reporter or a producer. Earlier, one consuming a news knew that he is being fed by a news broadcasting company having specific vested interests, sides or ideologies. Now in the new media with individuals having news to tell; it is hard to trace their sides, ideologies and vested interests. These features unique to a person is momentary according to his thoughts and moods when compared to the well analysed established strategies of a news enterprise. So in the surge to reach the truth news through new media needs to be interpretated far more cautiously. The interactive sessions, interpretations and analysis revolving around a news or a topic could indeed alter the genuinity of that news item as the swirling effect of different opinions and ideas could take the news far away from its originality.
The news doesn't seem to serve the purpose of a news in new media.

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