Thursday, 12 November 2009

Media Morphosis and Technological Convergence

We all know how a frog tadpole metamorphoses in to a frog, on the course of this metamorphosis it indeed have lost its fin and tail but being a frog now it is lucky enough to possess a webbed leg as well as a sticky tongue. Fins and tails served the function of locomotion for the frog tadpole and the world it lived being aquatic was primitive but now being terrestrial it metamorphosed as the present world demands more sophistication. The case well resembles the metamorphosis of old media to new media. The world and people which the old media had to deal with was far primitive compared to the present world where no one has a single second to spare. So the old media metamorphosed in to sophisticated new media, and it is indeed capable of providing its metamorphosed frogs a dream world with endless possibilities which a tadpole having access to old media could even not imagine.

The tadpole had to go in search of its prey as how the people having access to old media had to go in search of a print, audio or visual material overcoming the factors like limited availability, high expense and involved risks of time delay on their attempt to find access to those traditional forms of media.The case is different with new media, which employs the frogs technique of tracing a whole lot of insects as its prey besides a light source. It is capable of bringing all those print, audio as well as visual information’s under a single umbrella as ‘technological convergence’ is the trait of these sophisticated media.Technological convergence brings the present world’s mind and soul towards the new media and it is not different from the case of insects being attracted towards a light source. The case is well evident from the instance of new media having its preys besides an ‘I-phone’. Now the media with its sticky tongue of technological convergence will soon be engulfing them offering those innocent victims a dream world.


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