Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hackers and their heroics

In the real life heroics are attributed to one who is a warrior, a social reformer, a rebel on a noble course and so on. That is how we have Robin Hood’s, Tarzan’s and Cow Boys; but in the cyber world hackers are the real heroes as they are the most adventurous, rebellious, smart and cunning rulers of the cyber world. They are even able to attribute those real life heroic traits to any one of their multiple identities and since then they are the heroes; here it is important to explore as to whether the cyber world hero pretending to be a real life hero with his fake identities in the cyber world is actually acquiring any heroic traits in his real life too with his affectionate yet cunning pretentions and experiences while being engaged in the cyber world heroics.

  • Images from google image search.

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