Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Individual, social and Cyber life.

We are the inventers and so these technologies are meant to be used by us; but the cyber culture and its Medias as a technology seems to be governing us making us gather information’s and attain entertainment individually hindering all those benefits from a collective social and community life. Even though our contacts are high and the new media pretends to be more social with most of us in communities joined together regardless of boundaries; it does bring about a situation of less communication within our social and community life where we will find shelter in the technological brilliance of the new media instead of the warmth, genuinity and versatality of infomations communicated through real life time relations. The other factor to remember is that the information’s, emotions and bonds based on a global as well as on a sectarian basis are equally important specific to circumstances. The global context seems to be far more benefitted because now it is technicity which defines our background rather than our ethnicity.

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