Thursday, 22 October 2009

Is it a more efficient media?

Most of the technologies brought about in to our lives with which we got familiar in the subsequent days and which later has proved to be essential parts of our lives of course has posed some negatives too in their initial stage. Actually with time these technologies haven’t overcome those negatives, but we embraced them because these technologies started governing us instead of us making use of those technologies. This phenomenon of course needs to be referred in to the case of new media and its technologies related to the cyber world. Specifically because media is actually symbolising an environment which seems to posses information’s and entertainment controlling lion share of our emotions and knowledge; and it will be hard for us to trace out whether these environment has turned out to be harmful, just because most of us seems to live within it embracing its technological components with a complete acceptance . It is thus important to explore whether the new media designed and set in with the intension of fulfilling the purposes of old media in a more efficient manner is actually making us less communicative.

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